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Services - Containerization of Microservices


Did you ever think that you could deliver applications in no time, with high reliability, consistency, efficiency, and minimum resources, all irrespective of your deployment environment? Then you should witness the power of ‘Containerization’!


Adoption of containerization and microservices on the Cloud is a highly responsible task. At Curamet, we help you find the right languages and frameworks while implementing a containerization & microservices platform.

Build it once, run it EVERYWHERE!

The process of containerizing an application and cloud-enabling at the same time of DevOps enablement is more art than transition at this point. Adopting the container workflow provides many organizations with the DevOps continuity they've seen, but previously had to implement via more complex configurations for release and build pipelines. Containers simplify the build/test/deploy pipelines in DevOps.

Curamet is an expert in DevOps and microservices containerization of application workloads to help companies obtain a dynamically scalable highly-available infrastructure that also optimizes costs

At Curamet, we analyze the most popular tools for launching and orchestrating containerized microservices according to business needs. Contact us at for more details.

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