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Services - DevOps Assessment

Assess the DevOps maturity of your team to understand what might be the appropriate next steps for you on your DevOps journey.

DevOps Maturity


A DevOps assessment provides a clear view of your current DevOps maturity. It deep-dives into your current processes and identifies the strengths & weaknesses

The output of our DevOps Assessment is a high-level business case and roadmap identifying high-value opportunities for improvement, along with budgetary estimates and indicative timelines required to mature the overall practices of the organization.

No organization is the same, so you can pick the assessment that fits your needs.

DevOps Capability


Benchmark your entire development pipeline to see where you can improve, with our four steps 

  • kick-off meeting

  • In-depth one-to-one interviews with different stakeholders in your team(s) over 2 weeks

  • A report which ranks how you compare to industry best practices and a roadmap of prioritized actions

  • Solution proposal with reference examples to review, tune and approve for the NEXT step

After this, we recommend reaching out for a full assessment with our experienced team. Email us at

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