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Services - DevOps Consultation


A platform & agnostic tools offering using a diverse suite of technologies (Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, Jenkins, Argocd, GitHub Workflows, and others). This platform is ideal for organizations that need infrastructure automation and CI/CD flows.

On Demand

It is providing professional support and consulting on infrastructure automation and CI/CD configuration. Ideal for organizations that need ongoing maintenance for their infrastructure automation and CI/CD projects.

Maintainance Plan


Our service lets you take advantage of delegating all related tasks, management, and system maintenance to the professional DevOps services company and its engineers, thus, opening the opportunity for developers to focus on delivering new features.

Curamet Professional Services DevOps experts are uniquely qualified to help you successfully automate and standardize processes for infrastructure deployment. We have developed a structured program to accelerate your DevOps journey. You’ll also learn the techniques behind resource provisioning, continuous integration (CI), and automated application performance monitoring.


Looking for a FREE consultation? Let’s connect. We’d love to hear from you. Contact us at for more details.

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