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Services - Infrastructure as Code

By adopting IaC implementations at the beginning of your delivery, the management of PaaS, container orchestration, and infrastructure configuration become cost-effective.

Infrastructure as code consulting services can help you automate all the repeatable tasks like provisioning, configuration, and deployments.

With implemented IaC best practices for your infrastructure you can:

  • decrease maintenance costs

  • reduce risks

  • deploy faster - i.e. deliver improvements to the end-users faster than your competitors!


design from scratch

  • Tooling definition and selection
  • Infrastructure automation strategy design and road-mapping

  • End-to-end implementation

  • Maintenance and optimization


  • Current infrastructure evaluation, elimination of the bottleneck

  • Preparation of the infrastructure for automation

  • Infrastructure as code implementation

  • Maintenance and optimization

IT infrastructure
audit & consulting

  • CurAudit of current infrastructure health
  • Recommendations & execution on optimization, enhancement, and elimination of bottlenecks

  • Tech stack consulting

  • Disaster recovery

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