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Services - Observability & Monitoring


Advisory services to build a complete monitoring stack from scratch using open-source tools (ELK, Grafana Stack, Opentelemetry, and Jaeger).

Consulting & Advisory

Our observability experts will help you choose the tools to bring visibility and security into your systems.

Observability & Monitoring Implementation

  • We build a complete foundation for reliable monitoring and observability of your platform. By implementing Google SRE guidelines we help you define SLOs and SLIs.

  • When Observability is done right, you don’t only handle predictable failures better, it provides enough insight to effectively handle unpredictable failures.

  • We use a set of proven Open Source tooling for your observability platform. With our experience in DevOps and pre-built library of reusable components and PoCs, 

To benefit from our experience and knowledge of DevOps monitoring & observability, you can contact us at and take your business to a whole new level of excellence!


Design, configure and integrate a leading open-source monitoring solution. Prometheus, Loki and Grafana are powerful tools for monitoring, log aggregation and visualizing metrics.


Using Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana to build a centralized log management solution for your organization, we can help you build a scalable and optimal Elastic Stack infrastructure.


The elastic based Graylog logserver solution is a high performance, easy to use log server that will scale to your needs. We get you started with a central log solution in days.

Tailor innovative digital experience monitoring solutions

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