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Services - CICD Design & Implementation

  • Curamet provides continuous integration services for 6+ years as a part of IT outsourcing projects. We help you get the most of cloud or open-source CI/CD services.

  • DevOps or CI/CD assessment is just a start where we highlight together with your team working areas priorities, next level per each, execution plan

  • We offer end-to-end DevOps CI/CD services to enable developers and IT operations teams to rapidly and securely deliver software. Our CI/CD service offerings help you securely store and apply version control to your application’s source code.

CICD Design


  • Tooling definition and selection

  • Consider our reference pipelines library and PoCs

  • Decide on CI/CD strategy and pilot onboarding

CICD Implementation Services

  • Utilize our build blocks reusability
  • Addressing bottlenecks

  • Tech stack provisioning

  • End-to-end CI/CD implementation

  • Maintenance and optimization

CICD Consulting

  • CI/CD pipelines auditing
  • Consulting and control of the execution

  • Examine framework and give recommendations to get CI/CD pipeline up and running

Get Started Now, you can reach out to us for more information on how to avail our CI/CD services. Email us at

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